Tasting Menu
1.500 DKK

Fermented Alcoholic Pairing
1100 DKK

Fermented Non-Alcoholic Pairing
600 DKK

Some of our dishes are made with local ingredients from non-authorised suppliers.

Our Menu

In Faroese, ‘ræst’ signifies a stage of fermentation, which is an integrated part of Faroese food culture. Throughout the centuries, ræst plays an important role in preserving foods such as fish and lamb, securing a food source throughout the harsh winters in the Faroe Islands.

At Ræst, we will take you on a journey across different types of traditional fermentations of Faroese produce and share insight into Faroese food culture. This means that you will experience the flavors of fermented mutton, guts, and fish in various dishes. We want to emphasize that you will experience a tasting menu that reflects both tradition and gastronomic innovation.

The menu showcases a combination of the Faroese landscape’s ingredients with a Mexican influence, curated by Head Chef Sebastian Jiménez, who incorporates his Mexican heritage.

Dishes may include ræstur fiskur, garnatálg, sperðil, skerpikjøt, pilot whale, and wild birds. Alongside these ingredients, the menu is complemented by local vegetables such as potatoes and roots, foraged seaweeds, as well as Faroese shellfish like sea urchin and langoustine. The menu features unexpected combinations with Mexican food traditions, bringing together Faroese food culture and Mexican touches such as pipián rojo, various types of chilis, coriander, mole, and more.

Alongside the tasting menu, you will have the opportunity to choose between an alcoholic pairing or non-alcoholic pairing to complement each dish, curated by Head Sommelier Karin Visth. The pairings include carefully selected alcoholic beverages such as mezcal, akvavit, wines, and beer, as well as non-alcoholic beverages like kombucha and fermented juices from local berries and vegetables.